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(to appear in the mind)

"The first Chinese-western funk fusion band outside Asia - the West has been waiting for this."

Nick Farries, director of Destiny Music

In addition to her aerial theatre work, Gisele has completed an album of original Chinese-Western fusion music (published by Carlin Music) and launched an eight piece fusion band, Fuxian in 2008.

FUXIAN’s music is inspired by a desire to find a cultural language between the west and China. While the economic and political power of China receives enormous media attention, there is still relatively little understanding in the west of China’s rich cultural legacy, and even less sense of how the west will integrate culturally with this superpower once it becomes unavoidable. While Indian music has been absorbed effortlessly into our western musical lexicon, this is yet to happen with Chinese music.

What better way to coax western audiences toward China’s extraordinary cultural legacy than through this experiment of fusing east and west through music? FUXIAN is one of the first genuine fusion products to emerge from the very different cultural traditions of China and the west.

Hold on to your pigtails.